Super Life Like Swimbait fishing lure by Jackall Lures
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Jackall Lures Swimming Ninja fishing lure has a realistic swimming action and paint design. Shad Tail fishing lure design moves more water and has a wobbling and rolling action. Designed to swim like a real bait fish trying to escape from it's predators. Swimming Ninja fishing lure is 6 inches in length which is the perfect size for medium and large bass. It weights 1-1/4 oz. and is a slow sinking so you can control the depth. It also comes with two treble hooks, the back treble hook is a free floating trailer hook so the fish can not get any leverage. This is the swimbait fishing lure that helped Kota Kiriyama earn himself a 12th place finish at the Bassmaster Elite series at Lake Amistad tournament.

Slow Sinking61501 1/435

CA Trout Swimming Ninja Hitch Swimming Ninja
SS Shad Swimming Ninja Chartreuse Shad Swimming Ninja
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