SwimmerZ paddle tail fishing lure by Z-Man

SwimmerZ Fishing Lure

There's a revolution going on in soft plastic fishing lures and Z-Man is at the forefront with its ElaZtech line-up. And there's no finer example of the flexibility, durability (up to 10X tougher) and life-like appearance that characterizes ElaZtech than the all-new SwimmerZ (tm) series. These remarkable fishing lures are realistic in every detail--from the prominent 3-D eyes to the beautifully painted, molded scale finish. And their record of success is growing by leaps and bounds in both fresh and salt water. They have yet to discover the gamefish that will turn away from one of these beautiful fishing lures.

SwimmerZ Fishing Lure Features

Naturally buoyant
4" paddle-tails come 4 per pack and includes one 3/16oz., 4/0 weighted TriggerHook
SZ4-01 SwimmerZ Yellowback SZ4-03 SwimmerZ Sexy Shad SZ4-07 SwimmerZ Silver Shad
SZ4-08 SwimmerZ Silver Shiner SZ4-14 SwimmerZ Hitch
Available in the pro bass fishing lure shop at A2O Pro Shops

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