Secret Lures Swimbait Fishing Lure Jig Head in Shad Color

Secret Lures Swimbait Jig Heads

  • Works Great for all styles of swimbaits, grubs, paddle tail fishing lures
  • Razor Sharp Extra Heavy Duty Mustad Hooks
  • Double weedguard with adjustable wires
  • Works great on umbrella rigs for a more weedles approach
  • Pack of 3
  • The new Swimbait jig head shows Secret Lure's attention to detail for the very discriminating angler. It comes in sizes 1/8 oz and 3/16 oz. It features a heavy gauge Mustad hook and a 2-wire weed guard. The Weedless swimbait head can be used on Alabama or Umbrella rigs. It is a great little head for swimbaits of all styles swam through sparse grass or open water. The versatile keeper allows you to add your own skirt for different presentation; or super glue soft plastic fishing lures for a solid long lasting multiple fish connection.
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