4" Drop Shot fishing lure by Jackall Lures
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Jackall's new Super Pin-Tail drop shot fishing lure is sure to find it's way into your tackle box. The secret is in it's unique Pin-Tail fishing lure design that makes small vibrations which resembles an injured bait fish. Drawing fish from far distances to feed. The 3-D eyes also are very realistic and helps trigger bites when the fishing gets tough. Super life like paint design makes it hard for fish to tell if it is real or not. They would just as soon eat it then pass it by for another bass to dine on. Don't be the one to find out from your co-angler or fishing buddies that you should of got some of these. Because you know they are not going to share when the bite gets tough.

Goby Superpin
Violet Shad Superpin
Baby Bass Superpin
Silver Shad Superpin
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