Super Realistic Cross Tail Shad Fishing Lure
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The Jackall Lures Super Crosstail Shad fishing lure blends the killer crosstail design of the original Crosstail Shad fishing lure with the ultra realistic body design of the Super Pin Tail Shad fishing lure. An excellent drop shot fishing lure, it is hand poured to provide a super realistic tail shaking and body vibrating action. Offering exquisite detail, including ultra realistic multi-dimensional colors, precision molded scale patterns and 3D eyes, the Jackall Lures Super Crosstail Shad is the fishing lure you want at the end of your line with the water's clear and the bite is tough.

Tennessee Shad Super Crosstail
Ghost Minnow Super Crosstail
Baby Bass Super Crosstail
Violet Shad Super Crosstail
Threadfin Shad Super Crosstail
Green Shad Super Crosstail
Orange Belly Bluegill Super Crosstail
Silver Shad Super Crosstail
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