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Saw Tail WormZ 10" Fishing Lure

Saw Tail 10" WormZ Fishing Lure

The durability of 10X Tougher ElaZtech (tm) fishing lures means you'll get more mileage from every one of these soft plastic fishing lures. Whatever your preference in fishing lures, you can fish with the confidence that your Z-Man ElaZtech (tm) fishing lure will continue to perform fish after fish.

Saw Tail 10" WormZ Features

Salt-impregnated, 10X Tough ElaZtech Saw Tail WormZ draw strikes where ordinary worms don't warrant a look. Unlike other worms that sink and lay flat on the bottom, Z-Man Saw Tail WormZ float up off the bottom andmove enticingly, triggering big bass to strike. These WormZ are perfect for Texas or Carolina rigging.
WORM6-02 Saw Tail WormZ Black Blue WORM6-16 Saw Tail WormZ Watermelon WORM6-18 Saw Tail WormZ Watermelon Red Glitter
WORM6-38 Saw Tail WormZ Black Neon WORM6-42 Saw Tail WormZ Junebug WORM6-46 Saw Tail WormZ Green Pumpkin
Available in the pro bass fishing lure shop at A2O Pro Shops
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