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i-Pilot Accessory for PowerDrive V2

i-Pilot frees you up to focus on fishing. It uses GPS technology to remember paths and fishing spots on the water, activate cruise control, and give you command of speed, steering and Advanced AutoPilot. Optimize your PowerDrive V2 with i-Pilot (available pre-installed or as an add-on accessory) for unprecedented automatic boat positioning. 

NOTE: i-Pilot will replace the foot pedal on PowerDrive V2.

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Universal Sonar 2 (select models)

Universal Sonar 2 has an integrated, concealed transducer that provides interference-free sonar performance, water temperature sensing, and dual beam technology for an expanded view and greater bottom detail. It’s compatible with most major fishfinders and available on select models.

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Digital Maximizer

Digital Maximizer™ controls and optimizes power to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat. You’ll stay on the water up to five times longer on a single charge.

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AutoPilot (optional)

AutoPilot™ locks onto any heading you choose and delivers you there. Infinitely variable steering adjustments provide smoother course corrections and tighter heading accuracy against wind, waves and current. Included on select models.

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Deploy-Assist Lever

The deploy-assist lever puts you in motion and in pursuit of fish quickly and easily. Depress the lever to deploy the motor and you’re ready to go. When it’s time to move, it stows easily and securely – ready for action whenever you are.


Get the freedom to fish from anywhere on the boat with the wireless CoPilot™ accessory. The versatile remote lets you control speed, steering and prop on/off; can be mounted on your lanyard, rod or wrist. Sold separately.

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Ergonomically Designed Foot Pedal

Control speed, steering, and momentary and constant on/off with PowerDrive V2’s foot pedal. It features the industry’s highest IP68 waterproof rating and an 18' cord.

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Weedless Wedge 2 Prop (select models)

Push weeds away and take on the thick stuff without battery-draining chopping and hacking. Weedless Wedge™ 2 features swept-back, flared blades for unrelenting, reliable prop performance. Available on select models.

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Power Prop (select models)

The Power Prop delivers extra power to help you push through heavy vegetation. Fits 3-1/4" and 3-5/8" diameters. Available on select models.

Indestructible Composite Shaft – Guaranteed For Life!

Pound for pound, our composite shaft is stronger than steel. It flexes on impact and won’t break, kink or corrode. That’s why we’re confident enough to make it the only trolling motor shaft that’s guaranteed for life.

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Cool, Quiet Power

Nothing runs cooler or more quietly than a Minn Kota. Our extra large windings and commutators dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power, and longer motor life. And our unique bearing system reduces friction to cut fish-spooking noise. So quiet, they’ll never hear you coming.

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Two-Year Warranty

This motor is backed up with Minn Kota’s two-year warranty.


PowerDrive Bow-Mount Motors with i-Pilot 

Note: i-Pilot PowerDrive models 
do not include the foot pedal.
PowerDrive 70 / i-Pilot / US2 70 24 60"
PowerDrive 70 / i-Pilot 70 24 54"
PowerDrive 55 / i-Pilot / US2 55 12 54"
PowerDrive 55 / i-Pilot 55 12 48", 54"
PowerDrive Bow-Mount Motors PowerDrive 70 / AutoPilot / US2 70 24 60"
PowerDrive 70 / US2 70 24 54", 60"
PowerDrive 70 70 24 54", 60"
PowerDrive 55 / AutoPilot / US2 55 12 54"
PowerDrive 55 / US2 55 12 54"
PowerDrive 55 55 12 54", 48"
PowerDrive 45 45 12 48"
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