5.25" Pinoc Fishing Lure Worm by Garneau Baits

Pinoc 5.25" Worm

The Pinoc's motion is subtle, unique, and simply irresistible to bass. The fishing lure's perfect fall rate, and wiggling motion trigger strikes when other fishing lures simply will not. Rigging options here are endless and equally effective regardless of which way it is rigged. A must-have for any serious bass fisherman, tie one on and see why.

Garneau Baits Color Chart Below

Watermelonseed Red Garneau Fishing Lure Green Pumpkinseed Garneau Fishing Lure
Black Neon Fishing Lure Black Blue Garneau Fishing Lure
Baby Bass Fishing Lure Junebug Garneau Fishing Lure
Available in the pro bass fishing lure shop at A2O Pro Shops.
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