Outlaw Slalom Ski by Connelly Skis with NOVA Lace Ski Boot

Connelly Skis OUTLAW Slalom Ski

We have tested every one of our competitors shaped skis and what did we find? That the Outlaw Slalom Ski out performed them all. That is why we offer the Performance Guarantee. No other manufacturer offers such a guarantee. We stand behind the performance because it outperforms the others. The wider profile of the Outlaw Slalom Ski makes deep water starts easier on your body that allows you to ski longer sets. The rounded side cut makes carving turns smooth, effortless and fun to ski on. The wide body design does the work for you! The Outlaw Slalom Ski can reach well into the 32 mph range with performance and consistency previously only dreamed about.
Construction: C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology), fiberglass wrap, high gloss PBT top, closed cell polyurethane resin core, hand tuned Acrylam base
Binding Option: Sidewinder plates, Nova plates, Front Adjust Velcro, Blank with Fin
Sizes: 65in./165cm, 67in./170cm, 69in./175cm
Fin: Aluminum drop through fin with foil
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