Wood and canvas canoes first appeared in the late 1800s, gaining favor as a more durable, lower maintenance alternative to the Native American birch bark designs. The OTCA is one of Old Town’s classic designs. It is one of our quintessential wooden canoe designs which have remained virtually unchanged since the turn of the century. It is beautiful to look at and even better to paddle.


Material: Wood/Canvas or Wood/Fiberglass
Length: 16' / 4.9 m
Width: 36" / 91 cm
Width at 4" Waterline: 36" / 91 cm
Bow Height: 23" / 58.4 cm
Depth: 12" / 30.4 cm
Weight: 76 lbs / 34.5 kg
Max Load Range: 600-650 lbs / 272.2-294.8 kg


  • Cane seats
  • Two thwarts
  • Cherry gunwales
  • Western red cedar planking


  • Wood with canvas (Green)
  • Fiberglass with wood (Clear)

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