Secret Lures Finesse Jig with Mustad Hooks

Secret Lures MVP Finesse Jig Fishing Lure

  • Mustad Sproat Hooks
  • Pivot Divot Design
  • Spider Cut Premium MVP Jig Skirts

The MVP Finesse Jig fishing lure, although small in size, is packed with features. Both sizes offer a premium brand new Mustad sproat hook, flat-eyed design, and recessed line tie. Couple these features with the Secret Lures Pivot Divot, and you have a deadly combination. The Pivot Divot allows you to rock the jig in place, with an enticing action that others can't match, while the recessed tie offers protection for lighter line. The finesse jig fishing lure comes in two sizes, 3/16 and 5/16 oz, as well as five fish catching colors.

Secret Lures MVP Silicone Skirt Colors

PBJ01 OkeechobeeCraw02 BlackandBlue03 MissouriCraw04 CandyCraw05

Secret Lures MVP Jig Video

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