Secret Lures Ledge Shaker Hook for creating a natural shaking action

Secret Lures Ledge Shaker Hook

  • Gamakatsu Hook
  • Long Shank
  • Round Bend
  • Screw Lock Bait Keeper
  • Pack of 2

Secret Lures is excited to announce the LEDGE Shaker. It is designed around a premium Gamakatsu hook and features a molded screw-lock for attachment. This design allows a variety of soft plastics to be rigged straight and natural. The LEDGE Shaker is built around the proven football head; and we've incorporated the Secret Lures "Pivot Divot". This unique concave design allows the bait to rock between TWO balance points. The head rests level, with the hook tilted forward or backwards, but always up. This allows the angler to impart a true "shaking" action, while keeping the line safely off the bottom.

The LEDGE Shaker was used to win the FLW Tour on Kentucky Lake; by Chad Grigsby the Goodwill Pro. We recommend using large worms (10" worm, 12" worm, 13" worm) on the Ledge Shaker jig head.

The Ledge Shaker is available in Black and Green Pumpkin heads, weighted in 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz, and 3/4 oz.

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