GenX Bug 3.5" Fishing Lure by Garneau Baits

The Gen X Bug 3.5" Fishing Lure

If you fish creature baits you know they catch fish. If you fish The GenX Bug fishing lure, you know the difference between this fishing lure and the rest. The large ribbed profile of The GenX Bug makes this fishing lure not only more visible but also allows for greater surface area to emit scent. The pinchers on The GenX Bug fishing lure come to life in a way bass of all species have never seen but can't resist. Rig it how you like, fish it where you want it, just be sure to bring along a camera... Because The GenX Bug fishing lure makes legends on the water, and your going to need pictures to back up the story.

Garneau Baits Color Chart Below

Watermelonseed Red Garneau Fishing Lure Green Pumpkinseed Garneau Fishing Lure
Black Neon Fishing Lure Black Blue Garneau Fishing Lure
Baby Bass Fishing Lure Junebug Garneau Fishing Lure
Available in the pro bass shop at A2O Pro Shops.
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