New finesse fishing lure technique from Jackall Lures in Japan
The Wacky Jig Head fishing lure technique, which Jackall Lures calls Flick Shake, will be the next finesse fishing technique in the United States using Flick Shake lures. Flick Shake is already a proven lure technique in Japan. Flick Shaking is already being more widely used than Drop Shotting fishing lures in Japan.Jackall Lures is the innovator of the Wacky Jig Head fishing lure technique in Japan and has been instrumental in the design and development of this fishing lure. Jackall Lures has developed a specific Jig Head and Flick Shake fishing lure worm, which works together as a system. The Flick Shake fishing lure worm has a built in curved design, which creates a squirming action that the fish cannot resist. The Flick Shake fishing lure worm is also salt injected and has a live bait scent. The jig head's eye is designed at a ninety-degree angle for better hook setting and less snags. The hook has a short shank to allow the worm more action. The tungsten weight allows the worm to sink faster and has a smaller head to create the right action.

Bluegill Flickshake Green Pumpkin Candy Flickshake
Junebug Flickshake Pumpkin Pepper Flickshake
Cola Flickshake

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