Garneau Baits Em-Gem fishing lure is a combo of two fishing lures to replicate the craw fish.

Garneau Baits Em-Gem Fishing Lure

emgem fishing lure
The "EmGem" is a fusion of two classic fishing lures forming one of the most versatile and innovative fishing lures on the market today. Uniquely designed to mimic a craw fish, The EmGem is the perfect fishing lure for targeting bedding bass. Thanks to the EmGem's broad paddle tail, this fishing lure emits enough vibration to spike the interest of even sluggish bass from a far. Perfect for heavy cover or open water, The EmGem fishing lure is guaranteed to get you bit.

Garneau Baits Color Chart Below

Watermelonseed Red Garneau Fishing Lure Goby Garneau Fishing Lure
Green Pumpkinseed Garneau Fishing Lure Black Neon Fishing Lure
Black Blue Garneau Fishing Lure Baby Bass Fishing Lure
Hairy Melon Garneau Fishing Lure Cinnamon Blue Garneau Fishing Lure
Watermelonseed Garneau Fishing Lure Chartreuse Pepper Garneau Fishing Lure
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