The easyRESCUE Water Activated MOB Transmitter displays the current GPS position of a victim in distress by means of AIS technologies directly to connected chart plotter or PC display.

If a "MAN OVER BOARD“ situation happens, you need to keep the victim in sight. It is essential for his survival. The easyRESCUE gives you a clear view using AIS so that even in difficult conditions and minimal visibility the victim can be seen and tracked. It‘s a lightweight personal AIS S.A.R.T. (Search and Rescue) locating device which is fixed to clothing or lifejackets and can be mounted on a pole for use on a life raft.


After being activated, the AIS S.A.R.T. unit easyRESCUE starts transmitting AIS signals via VHF frequencies, providing current GPS position along with COG, SOG and individual unit ID. The victims position is updated every minute and transmitted 8 times a minute for at least 96 hours. So the ships crew will know exactly where the victim is, along with every other ship with AIS receiver within range. When an emergency AIS S.A.R.T. message is transmitted, it triggers an alarm on every AIS Chart Plotters with a world wide standardized Symbol and predefined "AIS S.A.R.T. active“ text. With accurate GPS data rescue can be done much faster.

What is Necessary to Run easyRESCUE?

The AIS S.A.R.T. unit easyRESCUE needs no additional accessory. The device is ready, grab and go! An AIS receiver is mandatory to get and display the AIS S.A.R.T. emergency position report.
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