5.2" Double Wide Beaver Reaction Innovations Fishing Lures
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Reaction Innovations Fishing Lures

Reaction Innovations soft plastic fishing lures have taken the pro bass fishing world by storm! The reason for their wild success is obvious when you look at their fishing lures. The plastic is soft and flexible but tough enough to stay up on the hook. The fishing lures are loaded with salt for the natural taste a bass needs to hold on longer, and their unique designs are unlike anything else on the market today. But maybe the biggest reason for their success with fishermen and with the fish are the fantastic colors they are able to put into these fishing lures. Noted bass pro and owner of Reaction Innovations, Andre Moore, has the on-the-water experience and pro bass catching know-how to design the right fishing lure and produce the right colors to consistently catch fish. The Double Wide Beaver Reaction Innovations fishing lure is the larger version of the very popular Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver and is designed for flipping big fish. This fishing lure moves a lot of water with the ribbing on the side, the large double paddle tail and the shorter paddles set at 90 degrees. The fantastic two and three color shots Reaction Innovations has been able to perfect gives these fishing lures the intricate color patterns of a hand pour at the price of injected baits. If flipping heavy cover for big bass is part of your winning strategy, the Reaction Innovations Double Wide Beaver should be at the end of your line.

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