Diver Frog 50 by River2Sea


In the shallows, you can swim it down into the bottom, shake it a little, let it rise an inch, nose it back, kick up some dust to get their attention, then let it slow rise all the way back to the surface. I will amaze when you see it in action. Oh yes, its unique "overhead" diving collar with built in weedguard and "hook up" design allows it to skip over vegetation with the best of em.
The Dahlberg Diver Frog can slide over junk, pop and rest in a hole, do any combination of popping and swimming along edges or nose in to the bottom like a frog trying to hide in the mud.
It's irresistible!
dahlberg-diver-frog Leopard dahlberg-diver-frog Lime
dahlberg-diver-frog Yellow Head dahlberg-diver-frog White

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