Secret Lures Chubby Frog Fishing lure features Bottom Hook Grooves & Deep Top Hook Cavities.

Secret Lures Chubby Frog Fishing Lure

Be Sure to Check Out Both Models of the Chubby
Clear Leg Option: With this original design, fish focus their attack ON the hook, not behind it. Notice how the tapered body and clear legs give the Chubby a unique bait fish profile, unlike any other frog fishing lure. It's very productive as an open water fishing lure and triggers explosive strikes around cover.

Bottom hook groove and deep top hook cavity:This design keeps the hook point protected from snags, while allowing the fishing lure to compress easily on the hook-set. The bottom groove also ensures you get the bait rigged straight every time.

Unique tapered side:This keeps the amount of plastic near the hook to a minimum, preventing the fishing lure from filling the hook gap on the hook-set.

Keeled bottom:The rounded belly of the Chubby fishing lure ensures that it runs upright from the time that it hits the water, so the hook is always ready.

Textured design:With the ridges and detail, the Chubby fishing lure has a life-like feel that fish not only strike, but hold on to.

Secret Lures Chubby Frogs Color Tips

Secret Lures colors are designed to produce fish in a wide range of conditions, and the body design of all models aid in hooking those big ones!

On days when the frog bite is "on" we recommend the full color frogs, since they offer the largest profile for the fish to attack. These full color versions also excel in heavy vegetation and stained water, since the fish have more to key in on. On those tougher days when the fish are just nipping at the frog, we recommend any of the CLEAR LEG colors. With these Secret Lures originals, those subtle bites are now directed right at your hook, so you can still put those fish in the boat.

Secret Lures full body color Chubby Frogs fishing lure can be fished a variety of ways; not just a topwater lure. They work great Carolina rigged, Texas rigged, and are deadly as a jig trailer fishing lure.

Secret Lures Chubby Frog Colors

CF01 Green Pumpkin Red Pearl CF_07 Mean Green
CF_11 Delta Frog

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