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The Original Chatterbait TrailerZ Series Fishing Lure by Z-Man Fishing Lures

The Original ChatterBait TrailerZ Series Fishing Lure

No fishing lure in recent memory has had such a profound impact on freshwater fishing as The Original ChatterBait fishing lure. With its patent-pending design and unique hex-shaped ChatterBlade(TM), the sound, vibration, flash, and action of The Original ChatterBait fishing lure is unmatched. The Original ChatterBait fishing lure is designed to "swim" in an erratic motion that mimics wounded prey. It offers the action of a crankbait, the profile of a jig, and the flash of a spinnerbait fishing lure.

ChatterBait TrailerZ Fishing Lure Features

Legendary ChatterBait sound, vibration, flash, and action
TrailerZ series EZ Skirts add extra action and appeal
Available in 8 of today¿s hottest skirt color combinations for every fishing situation
3/8 oz weight
4 ¾¿ length
38T01 Sexy Shad 38T03 Chartreuse Sexy Shad 38T04 Cole Slaw
38T06 Blue Gill 38T07 PB&J 38T08 Black & Blue
Available in the pro bass fishing lure shop at A2O Pro Shops

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