Garneau Baits Fishing Lure 4 inch frog

Garneau Baits Buzz Frawgz

The Buzz Frawgz fishing lures are simply irresistible to both largemouth and smallmouth bass alike. The Buzz Frawgz fishing lure causes a surface chatter that is sure to spike the interest of bass from any depth. The large profile allows for better visibility in whatever conditions you may fish. The Buzz Frawgz fishing lure tend to attract most strikes when fished around cover, however the rigging options here are endless.

Garneau Baits Color Chart Below

Watermelonseed Red Garneau Fishing Lure Green Pumpkinseed Garneau Fishing Lure
Cinnamon Blue Garneau Fishing Lure Pearl Flash Garneau Fishing Lure
Available in the pro bass fishing lure shop at A2O Pro Shops.
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