5" Topwater Bait Jackall Lures Pro Bass Fishing Lure
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The Bowstick is the pro topwater bass solution when the biggest bass wants a pro fishing lure. A specially pro designed gill tunnel allows water to flow through, creating additional splashing and bubbling while fishing with this lure, and the addition of a loud rattle helps to lure curious bass from long distance. It can be cast like a bullet and maintains its zigzag fishing course even in windy conditions. Any bass that strikes this pro bass fishing lure is sure to be hooked by at least one of the three razor sharp trebles. This bass fishing lure is available in our A2O Pro Shop or online under the Fishing Tackle.


SG Threadfin Shad Bowstick Bass Fishing Lure
Sparkle SS Shad Bowstick Bass Fishing Lure
SG AYU Bowstick Bass Fishing Lure
Tennessee Shad Bowstick Bass Fishing Lure
Ghost Minnow Bowstick Bass Fishing Lure
SS Shad Bowstick Bass Fishing Lure
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