Flat Sided Jackall Lure Crankbait Bass Fishing lure available at A2O Pro Shop
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Bling 55 is a flat sided Jackall Lure crankbait bass fishing lure with a fiberglass bill allowing this fishing lure to grab more water and creates a faster and quicker wobbling action. Has a specially designed weight moving system. A magnet is used so when you cast the bass fishing lure you can reach a maximum casting distance, once the bass fishing lure hits the water the magnet attaches to the center of gravity in the middle of the bass fishing lure allowing it to be perfectly balanced. Also available in store at the A2O Pro Shop bass fishing department.
Tennessee Shad Bling 55 Jackall Fishing Lure Crawfish Bling 55 Jackall Bass Fishing lure
Chartreuse Shad Bling 55 Bass Fishing Lure Blueback Chartreuse Bling 55 Bass Fishing Lure
SG Threadfin Shad Bling 55 Bass Fishing Lure Chrome Shad Bling 55 Bass Fishing Lure
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