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We offers a wide range of Single Bitts for any deck application. Sizes range from a minimum bollard diameter of 8” up to a bollard diameter of 12”. Our Single Bitts are made from ASTM A27 cast steel and are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Models are available with Horns as well as in Thru-Deck and Flush Weld styles. Also available are Heavy Duty Models with thicker side walls.
Feature Description
Single Bitts are sold as-cast with no surface paint or finish to maintain quick, easy and safe weld-ability to the deck of any barge or workboat.
Single Bitts are designed primarily to be used with line or wire for barge coupling, checking, or mooring. UMC’s Thru Deck Single Bitts are the perfect solution for towing applications where more rigidity is needed to prevent the deck fitting from tearing off the deck under extreme load situations.
ASTM A27-70-36 Cast Steel
DF-530 21555 8" 14" 12" 8" 1" 16" 1" 11" 27" 10 1/4" 260
DF-530 20231 10" 14" 13 1/2" 10" 1" 18" 1" 12" 30" 10" 300
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