Ish Monroe Biggie Creepin Floating Squarebill Crankbait.


Ish Monroe's Biggie is a squarebill crankbait that's anything but square. Biggie comes in two sizes; the 58mm Smalls and the 68mm Poppa.
It also is available in two versions a fast floating, rattling version called Bumpin Rattle; and a silent, slow floating version called Stealth Runner. Biggie is designed to run dive three to five feet deep, and is strapped with the right weapons for any battle. Poppa features River2Sea's short shank size 2 trebles while Smalls carries size 4 short shank trebles.
Biggie is available in 10 colors hand-picked by Ish to catch fish in any type of water across the country. Biggie - your baits hypnotize me!
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