Big Daddy Slalom water ski with Front Adjustable Boot and RTS
BIG DADDY Slalom Water Ski
The Big Daddy slalom water ski features all the surface area you could ever need with over 550 square inches!
This slalom water ski was engineered for the super-sized guy in mind. The over 220 lb person that likes to ski or the water ski person wanting easy starts will appreciate the extra surface area and a design that will let them ski the river or lake in style.
The wide tip and tail, combined with the C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System) allows for effortless and stable deep water ski starts and a forgiving ski ride at speeds 28 mph and under. We are so confident that the big guy's will love this slalom water ski that we back the Big Daddy Slalom Ski with the Performance Guarantee.
Construction: C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology), fiberglass wrap, high gloss PBT top, closed cell polyurethane resin core, hand tuned Acrylam base
Ski Binding Option: Nova plates, Front Adjust Velcro, Front Adjust, Blank with Fin
Sizes: 550in. sq./ 3500cm sq.
Fin: Aluminum drop through
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